5 Best Cell Phones For Kids, Recommended By Experts

5 Best Cell Phones For Kids, Recommended By Experts

Cell Phones for kids are a more comfortable way in which parents can get in touch with their kids by monitoring their location. Are your primary concerns about smartphones leading to distractions for your young one? Another way to give your child access to the phone is with limited features, so no mishaps happen.

6 Best, Basic, And Expert Recommended Cell Phones For Kids:

Cell Phones for kids are scary on the first thought but a phone with limited features and easy parental access, fear no more. Here are a few expert-recommended cell phones for your children:

1. Jitterbug Flip- The Good Old First Phone:

The Jitterbug holds no-frill and basic features such as easily readable display, emergency button, and navigation button. In addition to these ready-to-go features, Jitterbug also gives extra features for a kid. Your kids can capture photos, connect to calls, and even chat with their pals but without depending on the internet.

2. Relay’s Kid Based Phone Alternative-The Best Phone To Learn Things:

5 Best Cell Phones For Kids, Recommended By Experts
5 Best Cell Phones For Kids, Recommended By Experts

The relay phone screen comes with a dual function of a walkie talkie and a GPS tracker. Now your little ones are just a button away from you to receive messages immediately. An exciting and fun thing about Relay is that they provide different channels that stock your little ones with music, jokes, and fun. Besides, it also comes with five different cool colors.

3. Cell Phones For Kids: VTech KidiBuzz-A Phone Good For Games:

KidiBuzz is pretty much known for their loaded fun with electronic toys. VTech phone unboxes fun with forty-four games that explore science, maths and spelling check. The phone holds a filter, digital stickers, and frames with a camera. Any adult can access and control calls, websites, applications, and text messages. An additional shatter-proof feature withstands a kid’s rough handling.

4. iPod Touch- The Best Phone For Photos:

5 Best Cell Phones For Kids, Recommended By Experts

Your young one can have a replica of your iPhone with an iPod Touch without any need for cellular networks. Your little ones can access to music, play games, click snaps, and even Facetime. With such great features, the iPod falls back with the inability to access without the internet or Wi-Fi network. An additional set-up is that adults and parents can set privacy and content to restrict kids from purchasing in-apps.

5. Cell Phones For Kids: Nokia 6.1- An Affordable And A Good Phone For Older Ones:

When you are looking for the right device, and suddenly you see this aluminum piece with a tint of sturdiness that can handle your child’s rough use. Nokia is not just an affordable phone but also comes with a fingerprint sensor and extra-large screen. With its Android operating system, you can access to Google apps like Gmail and also benefit cloud services.

6. Jiobit- The Best Phone For GPS:

If your main concern revolves around your child’s safety over the functionalities of a Phone, then Jjiobit is your perfect choice. An exciting feature is its advanced GPS tracker that offers history, instant notifications, and detailed location. You can attach the device to your kid’s waistband, buttonhole, or shoe-string.

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