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Cell Phone – Here Is The Right Way To Use It

Cell Phone – The Right Way To Use It

We humans have a habit of getting addicted to anything. Whatever we see and find interesting, we get addicted to it and use it the way it is not supposed to be used. The same applies to your device like a ‘Cell Phone’ as well.

The cell phone, or in other words, a mobile phone was invented as a device that could ease the way we communicate with people. However, over the years, the technology has developed and we have got addicted to these devices more than required.

In this article, we shall talk about the very purpose of a cell phone and how it is meant to be used. Read on to know more.

Cell Phone History

Cell Phone – The Right Way To Use It
Cell Phone – The Right Way To Use It

In earlier days, before the invention of cell phones, we had fixed landlines. However, even those phones were luxury when invented and were found only in the houses of elites. Those phones were used only by a few people and in offices for business purposes.

When you are not at home or the office, there was no way possible to reach you on the phone as the phone was fixed on a desk, and could not be ported from one place to another.

During the early 1990s, commercial cell phones started becoming popular in the market and more and more people started to use it. As the name suggests, they were mobile and wireless. Those phones could be held in a hand and could be carried anywhere along with you.

Additionally, you could easily make a call to your friends using your mobile and later, the technology improved wherein you could now also send text messages (SMS). But, the technology went on improving and we started getting addicted to it.

Development Of Technology In A Cell Phone

For the most part, technology is something that is constantly developing. Over the years, the capability of a cell phone increased drastically and it went on adding several features onto it. Over the years, the phones have become smart (smartphones) and gained the ability to click pictures, use the internet and even sense your heart-rate.

In today’s world, phones are feature-packed and have made us humans go crazy for them. You can play music on it, stream videos, communicate with friends using apps, and social media was made for mobiles! In short, you can do everything using a mobile that a computer could do long back. In some areas, it has become even better than a computer. So that is the reason that we humans are so much addicted to it.

What It Was Meant To Be?

Cell Phone – The Right Way To Use It
Cell Phone – The Right Way To Use It

The way we are getting addicted to technology is dangerous. A cell phone was introduced to be a medium of communication between our friends and families. It was meant to connect us with the people close to us, but unfortunately, we are so lost in the devices that we are forgetting our closed ones.

At the end of the day, we must realize that a cell phone was made for the convenience and our life lies outside it in the real world. In the meantime, we must make sure that we limit the usage of these devices and spare enough time for our friends and families, and also to our work. It is because the usage of such devices is also affecting the productivity of people.

Therefore, we should realize where our life lies before it is too late. Let me know your thoughts below as to what you think about it.

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