The World’s Top 10 Mobile Phone Companies

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Almost all households across the globe use products from one of the world’s top 10 mobile phone companies. Moreover, with the advent of smartphones, the popularity of these gadgets increase to a great extent. Every year, the graph of turnovers in these companies continue to move upwards. This is a fantastic indication that mobile phones are integral parts of modern life. Indeed, nobody can imagine a life without these handy phones. As well, the innumerable high-tech features and smart touch technology attract a large number of customers. As a result, mobile companies can expand their markets worldwide.

World’s Top 10 Mobile Phone Companies

Learn About The World’s Top 10 Mobile Phone Companies
Do You Know The World’s Top 10 Mobile Phone Companies?

The top ten mobile companies include the following names:











According to morerecent reports, Samsung is at the top position now. Moreover, there are other top-selling brands, as well. As well, every now and then, a new entrant is making its advent in this world of mobile phones. Telecommunication is another name for the development of technology and communication system.

Furthermore, we can say that it is the beginning of a new world with these and other developments in the telecommunication industry. As a result, this sector will see regular improvements in the various features we see. As we can see, the market is becoming more competitive, day by day.

Learn About The World’s Top 10 Mobile Phone Companies
Do You Know The World’s Top 10 Mobile Phone Companies?

Mobile Companies: More Details

From the year 2013, the smartphones started to create a place in the hearts of so many people across the world. Samsung was one step ahead from the very beginning. Their new phones created tremendous consumer waves in this sector. In fact, the company sold over 400 million phones in just one year. As well, in comparison to previous years, the market share of the company continues to rise considerably. We can say that the latest technology explains the massive boom in the telecom industry.

Although the market for smartphones allowed many new entrants into this industry, Nokia is still ruling the hearts of many. These hardy devices entered the middle-class household years back when mobile phones were new to people. Moreover, their durability and after-sales services impressed buyers. This company remains at the forefront when people talk about mobile phones. This handset giant was the second-largest player in the industry till 2013. However, with the advancement of technology, the company suffered a huge loss in recent years.

Even so, many older adults still prefer their simple handsets more than any other. As well, others keep Samsung handsets as memorabilia of what introduced the person to the world of mobile phones. In short, Nokia phones are nostalgic for many.

When talking about mobile companies, who can ignore the iconic Apple phones? In the year 2013, Apple was the third-largest player in the mobile phone market. The several brilliant features of the iPhone attracted many people despite its being so expensive. Moreover, trends indicate that prices of older iPhone versions are going down, making them affordable to more prospective buyers.

In this article, we talked about some top companies ruling the markets for mobile phones. While other companies are as notable, that’s for another article.

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