Environmental Impact Of A Cell Phone

Environmental Impact Of A Cell Phone

If you are a busy consumer and you can’t decide if you can live without your mobile phone, you need to understand the environmental impact of using mobile phones. This is one of the many reasons why environmental groups started to research the effects of mobile phones. And they found that there were many threats associated with using cell phones.

Mobiles Emit Radiation: Environmental Impact

If we take into consideration that all mobile phones emit radiation that could cause cancer and other diseases, environmental groups wanted to find a way to protect the public from these harmful radiation levels. They also wanted to know how much their daily activities affect the environment. A significant factor in the environmental impact of our lives today is the type of cellphone and the frequency used.

Environmental Impact Of A Cell Phone
Environmental Impact Of A Cell Phone

Environmental Impact Varies From Smartphone Manufacturer

The environmental impact of every phone can be different depending on its manufacturer. Several factors need to be considered before you decide on your phone. The first thing you need to do is what is the use of this phone going to be for you? If it is only for personal use, then you don’t need to be concerned about its environmental impact.

Mobile Is The Primary Source Of Communication

But if you are also using it to keep in touch with people that you are in contact with, then it is a significant concern. Some people might be using their phones as their primary source of communication, while others use it for entertainment.

Environmental Impact Of A Cell Phone
Environmental Impact Of A Cell Phone

Many Phones Have Features To Minimize Environmental Impact

Besides this, the type of cellular phone that you choose can have an impact on your environmental impact. There are several options that you can choose from. You can even opt for those phones that have special features that help minimize the environmental impact.
These special features help reduce the energy needed to operate the cell phone, which makes it much easier to power up and to maintain. It also reduces the number of resources required to send and receive calls. If the cell phone uses a small amount of energy, then it can save up to 70% of its energy consumption.

Special Features Lower The Risk Of EMI

Using these special features will also lower the risk of electromagnetic interference (EMI) on the antenna. EMI or electromagnetic frequencies can be harmful to people who are already suffering from health problems, such as memory loss and stroke.

Radiation Damages Brain Cells

Harmful radiation is emitted by the antennae of cell phones, especially the ones that are in the ear, neck, and face. For some people, it can even cause damage to the cells of the brain.

Factors That Affect Environment

Other factors that may contribute to your environmental impact include the fact that you use your cell phone in a very careless manner. Some people prefer to answer calls while driving, and they do not make use of the hands-free or voice dialing features.
The environment also plays a significant role in the level of usage of a phone. If a phone has a large display screen, then you will be wasting a lot of power by using it for longer than you should.
As for the batteries that these phones use, then you need to consider the quality of the battery, the power of the cell phone and the big size of the phone before buying a phone. A 18650 cell phone battery is the right choice if you want to avoid problems with your phone’s life.

Final Words

Considering this environmental impact is essential. You need to be aware of the best option available for you and also make sure that the battery is of good quality.

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