How To Compare Phones? Let Us Find Out! -

How To Compare Phones? Let Us Find Out!

How To Compare Phones? Let Us Find Out!

These days, the competition among the phone makers is very high. Each one of them wants to out-do the other and gain a higher market share. The margins are also wafer-thin and it has become difficult for many manufacturers to even survive. So, they are coming up with devices at all price-points. There are a whole lot of phones available these days in almost every budget. So, the question that arises is – how do you ‘Compare Phones’ and get the best one for yourself?

If you are confused among the whole range of devices that look attractive to you, we are here to help you! Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the right device for yourself, so we tell you what are the most important factors to consider while choosing a device. Read on to know more.

Compare Phones Based On Processor

Yes, this is the first thing you should see on any phone. No matter what phone you are purchasing, the processor should have a higher clock-rate because that is what decides how smooth your phone performs.

If you have a handful of devices shortlisted, you should choose the one with the best processor.

Build Quality

How To Compare Phones? Let Us Find Out!
How To Compare Phones? Let Us Find Out!

This has become an important factor to consider because these days, many Chinese device manufacturers offer phones at dirt-cheap prices at the expense of build quality of the phones.

If you want your phone to survive those accidental drops and last for a longer time, then you should consider the build quality of the phone at priority. Some brands like Nokia, Apple, Samsung, and Motorola are known for their robust build quality.

Camera Module

These days multiple cameras are a trend and all manufacturers are in the race of megapixels. But it is not always necessary that the megapixels decide the picture quality.

You should compare phones not based on the number of cameras they offer or the megapixel count, but the actual image quality of the cameras in the phones. Some of the best camera phones include the Google Pixel family of phones, the OnePlus range, Samsung ‘S’ series and Note phones.

Screen Resolution

This is important because it decides the viewing experience on your phones. If you are a gamer of a person who watches a lot of movies or videos on your phone, consider this.

These days, you should not settle for anything less than a full-HD screen for a low-to-mid-range phone and 2K screen for a mid-to-high range phone. Also, you should prefer LED or AMOLED screens over LCD panels as they are becoming increasingly more popular these days.

Compare Phones Based On RAM

How To Compare Phones? Let Us Find Out!
How To Compare Phones? Let Us Find Out!

Want your phone to be super-fast and peppy? Consider this factor. RAM is the processing memory that your phone has. If you want to play high-end games like Asphalt or PUBG, then you should consider phones with a higher amount of RAM.

If you get a phone with lesser RAM, you might end up with a buggy and laggy phone that suffers to perform tasks and handle RAM-hungry games.

For a low-end phone, the minimum amount of RAM should be 2GB and 4-6GB for a mid-range phone. If you are getting a flagship or a high-end phone, don’t settle for anything less than 8GB RAM. I hope this article will help you decide on a good phone. Let me know your thoughts below.

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