Hazards Of Smartphone Addiction In Kids

A very common forward these days is going viral on social media. I was lucky to have a childhood before technology took over!’ It is an in-depth introspection of today’s modern times especially when it comes to children. Parents are often found cribbing over the fact that their kids are always busy with their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. 4 out of 10 children today are found obese or wearing spectacles. There are many other hazards of smartphone addiction in kids.

Hazards Of Smartphone Addiction In Kids
Hazards Of Smartphone Addiction In Kids

Health Hazard

Cell phone radiation has very harmful effects on the human body. Those living next to a mobile phone tower also has many other health hazards such as Depression –  increased by up to 64-fold. Fatigue-increased by up to 37-fold and Appetite Loss-increased by up to 25-fold. Their brains are still in the growing phase and using mobile phones for too long can cause tumors, cancer, and behavioral disturbances.

  • Cancer

According to a report published by the WHO, it was suggested that cell phone radiation can possibly lead to cancer in humans. Children absorb 60% more radiation in their brains than adults. The reason for this is that their brain has a thinner skin and thinner tissues and it is still in the development stage.

  • Behavioral Disturbances

Just 2 minutes of mobile phone exposure that change the electoral activity of the child’s brain for one hour. The radiations penetrate deep into the brain and can disturb the thinking capacity. Impair the learning ability, and also cause other behavioral symptoms. The children can get very hyper or experience severe mood swings.

  • Weak Eyesight

The majority of the children today have glasses or weak eyesight because of constant exposure to mobile phone glare and light. This powerful light harms the vision and weakens it with many children forced to wear high power glasses.

The toll on Academics

Children with smartphone addiction play games most of the time, chat, and talk to their friends and use different mobile apps. They are constantly engaged in these activities and waste their precious time which should have been used for the study. Mobile addiction is becoming so severe in some children today that they are finding it tough to concentrate on their studies.

Hazards Of Smartphone Addiction In Kids
Hazards Of Smartphone Addiction In Kids

Porn Addiction

Children who are given mobile phones by their parents with internet connections, often tend to use the browser for porn sites. Access to these sites is very easy and free on the internet and this has led to serious repercussions in teenage children today.


Mobile phones are led the younger generation of today to get more isolated. They may have a lot of friends online, but very few real friends offline. Children do not enjoy field games and sports games as they used to earlier. Mobiles have, in fact, making them more isolated and lonely.

Comparison And Money Loss

With the prices of smartphones sky-rocketing, everyone wants the best mobile phone today, but not everyone gets it. This leads to anger, jealousy, frustration, and even theft amongst children. Even for parents, the constant stress of getting the latest and costliest mobile phone for their children is getting too much.

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