Some Health Disadvantages Of Using Mobile Phones

Some Health Disadvantages Of Using Mobile Phones

Today it is impossible for the present generation to think of a life without mobile phones. They occupy a prominent place in our day to day lives. As technology is advancing, our dependence on them is increasing as well. It will not be wrong to say that we have become the slaves of mobile phones. But using mobile phones for long hours is dangerous for your overall health. Apart from affecting your eyes, they have some other impacts on your body too. Some health disadvantages of using mobile phones in excess are discussed below:

Some Health Disadvantages Of Using Mobile Phones
Some Health Disadvantages Of Using Mobile Phones

Brain Cancer

A lot of radiofrequency energy is emitted by mobile phones. They form non-ionizing electromagnetic radiations that the tissues of the body close to the phone absorb. This level of radiation emitted by the phones depends upon many factors. The technology used, the distance of the phone from the tower, the type of phone, etc. play a key role here. These radiations cause varied reactions in the activities of the brain. They target the brain cells and in the long run, forms brain cancer. Children are more prone to suffer from brain cancer as compared to adults. Hence, never let your children spend long hours with mobile phones.

Increased Stress Level

Mobile phones contribute to a lot of stress. Once you get addicted to them, it becomes difficult to be away from them. Whenever you keep them away from you, your mind is not at rest. Research also shows that people get anxious if they cannot reply to messages or answer calls for a long time.

Weakens Immune System

Have you noticed an oily and greasy layer on your phones . It is the result of a lot of germs and dust that causes that. They are the root cause of many diseases that keep on weakening the immune system with time.

Chronic Pain

All of us have the habit of holding our mobile phones in the same position for long hours. There is the constant use of fingers too in typing messages or emails. Sometimes while doing something, we tend to hold the phone between the head and ear and talk for a long time. All these lead to chronic pain in due course of time.

Some Health Disadvantages Of Using Mobile Phones
Some Health Disadvantages Of Using Mobile Phones

Vision Issues

Our eyes have direct contact with the screen of a mobile phone. According to a survey, most of the people see their phone after waking. Too much exposure to such a light from the phone screen has a deep impact on our eyes. This is one of the main reasons why most of the children today are bespectacled. If not taken care of, it can cause more harm to their eyes.

Hinders Sleep

Mobile phones come with a lot of features to divert your attention and keep you distracted for a long time. For instance, if you are engaged in playing a video game, it becomes impossible to leave without finishing. In this way, you lose a lot of your valuable time and sleep.

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