The Social And Environmental Impact Of Mobile Phones

The Social And Environmental Impact of Mobile Phones

The world revolves around ‘smart’ phones. A series of environmental issues arise as a primary smartphone impact both humans and the environment. Impact Of Mobile Phones are

The Evolution And Role Of Smartphones:

The Social And Environmental Impact of Mobile Phones
The Social And Environmental Impact of Mobile Phones
  • Since the release of smartphones across, over 7 billion smartphones saw demand and manufacture.
  • Take a short walk across the streets of Europe city, and you will find the impact of smartphones. Many of our eyes remain glued to the phone, with constant scrolling and typing.
  • Today, on an average global rate, every two out of three people own a smartphone. Did you know that in Germany alone, smartphone users go up by 92 percent?
  • Amidst the chaos of technology, innovations in the field of agriculture, development, and health see simultaneous growth. The creation of smartphones resulted in a secure platform for communication.
  • According to a report released by Greenpeace, almost 968 TWh power is made use. Parallel to this, many people from different parts of the country are experiencing slave-like conditions. 
  • Fortunately, there are several ways to combat injustice, waste, and consumption put forth by smartphones.

The Adversities Paid For Smartphones:

  • The entire process involving the manufacture of smartphones goes all the way back to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). This meager of this country remains conflicted with the mines under the command of the militias.
  • An average of almost one USD per day, lacking the necessary health and safety, young kids dig for gold, tungsten, tine, and tantalum.
  • Also, many other essential elements dig for the production of smartphones.
  • A significant issue conducted by the UN Environmental Programme warns the DRC about the internal disputes over the mineral ores.
  • Those individuals majorly affected by these give the least improvement for their livelihood.

Impact Of Mobile Phones: Obsolete Story Regarding Environmental Cost:

The Social And Environmental Impact of Mobile Phones
The Social And Environmental Impact of Mobile Phones
  1. While estimates assure the lifespan of a smartphone to be around 5-10 years, users see it last for only 12-24 months.
  2. Most of the attracting ads on convenience and innovations in Europe are the biggest market for smartphones. The impact of these ads is enough to target the consumers for a better, newer, and faster smartphone.
  3. Are you aware of the vast environmental implications due to smartphones? The urge to eradicate old phones to buy a new one has led to a massive accumulation of e-waste.
  4. An estimate states that around 2020, the EU is said to generate almost 12 tonnes of waste per year. This piling dump is said to cause harm to plants, animals, and humans equally.
  5. To solve this upcoming issue, we need to change our start not to buy, and (re)use old smartphones.
  6. How can you, as an individual, combat this rising issue? Instead of buying newer and faster phones, recycle and reuse your old phones. This contribution acts as an alternative and condemns the corporates and their role in the mining industry.
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