Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

Top 40 phone accessories. The thing you can’t live without. For some, it’s their family and their special loved one. Others, their cars. Credit cards, a favorite book, or shoes. It varies with every individual. However, one thing we can agree on, we can’t live without our phones.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

At the very least, for most of us. It’s a tool for communication. Or else, it started out that way. In this day and age, it has a plethora of functions that go beyond calls and messaging. Document-making, video editing, body temperature, and blood pressure tracking. A plethora, I say!

Queueing at the store for the next cellphone model that’s about to be released? We’re not judging you. Some of us are guilty of that, too. Contrarily, if you’re still okay with you handheld and are wanting to maintain it well, you’ve come to the right post.

Top 40 Phone Accessories: Tips On How To Maintain Your Phone For Longer Use

Maintain? That sounds like work. And you’re already swamped with tasks in the office and chores at home. Plus you me-time. You have to have your me-time. Now you need to give attention to maintaining your phone as well?

Yup. It has life. It wears out. Diversely, instead of furthering that in a shorter period of time, why not get practical and learn how to maintain it well?

The #1 on our list? First and foremost, pay attention to how you store it when it’s not being used. This is among our favorite, practical tips. Then, when you drop it in your bag, take notice of what surrounds it. Keys, scattered coins, pens, spiraled notebooks, and others.

Top 10 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

On #2, get a screen protector and a phone case. Related to top #1. Sometimes, it’s unavoidable. You’re careful about where you keep it. However, it happens. Your phone meets other objects with a bang. Since iPhones and androids are now leading the way in their respective industry, you understand well that protecting the screen is protecting the phone itself.

Let’s hop onto #3, which is that you should always keep it dry and in a balanced temperature-environment. Yup, dry. No spilling of water and other liquids. Not even a droplet if it can be avoided. For an environment with a balanced temperature? Don’t let the big words sound troublesome. Just don’t let your gadget sit in extreme heat or extreme cold.

Top 10 Phone Accessories: Tips On How To Maintain Your Phone For Longer Use (From The Inside)

Now, let’s talk about maintenance in terms of the phone’s features. First, check on your apps and see which ones you actually use most of the time and which ones you don’t. More apps mean more battery life used. Therefore, if you want to make it last longer, delete, delete, delete.

The second tip here is to hit “Clear Cache.”  Some are wary of this. Thus, there’s a misconception that doing so is equivalent to a permanent Delete. That you’ll lose data. Not at all. Clearing the cache is a jargon for deleted files that are actually junk to make room for more of the data useful to you.

Finally, check your sources. Just as you’re careful with which sites to visit and download from on the internet, the same precaution should be followed with your phone. Your phone has a designated app store, and contemporaries similar to it. Use those instead, trusted ones.

Now, onward to our Top 10 Phone Accessories! 

Top 40 Phone Accessories:

1. Telescope Zoom For Smartphone Camera

An avid photographer with an eye for beauty and a passion for capturing it? If you don’t have your $$$$-worth DSLR camera with you or if you don’t have one, the telescope zoom for Smartphone cameras is a tool you’ll love.

Top 10 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

Its monocular can be connected to a phone or a tablet. With a magnification of 40 x 60 and a field view of 1500M/9500M, it can take pictures from great distances. Conversely, it can also take pictures in Zoom, with much clarity.

A level up to your phone’s camera to make it work the way a real one does, the telescope zoom for Smartphone camera is for photography and phone enthusiasts like you and me.

2. USB Type C Docking Station Charger

Multi. We’re all about it. In this context, not exactly multibillionaires and multi-universes. Although if you ask me, we’re for those as well. What we’re talking about is a docking station for multi-connectivity for a number of gadgets.

Top 10 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

The USB Type C docking station is a multi-gadget charger. It has 7 ports in total for a TF and SD card, 1 Type C charging platform, 2 USB 2.0 ports, and 1 USB 3.0 port. 7 tech-ware whose batteries you can rev up at the same time!

Stuck in a place where they’re lacking in sockets? That won’t be a problem with this 7-port USB type docking station charger.

3. Shockproof Phone Case

This is definitely a win if you’re serious about adding some protection to your phone. They’re fragile, much more than we think. Yes, some have been upgraded to resist more impact than others. Still, fragile objects.

Top 10 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

An accessory to help you out with this is the shockproof phone case. Here’s a clear, slim and lightweight protector that goes on and around your handheld 360 degrees. Full-on shielding from abrasions and scratches while still allowing for ease of access to your phone’s screen and surrounding buttons.

4. 2-In-1 Headphone Audio And Charger Splitter Cable For iPhone

Too hassled with having to wait for your phone to be charged before being able to connect your earphones to listen to some tunes? The stress! The horror! There are some phones that have these types of components and yours could be among them.

Top 10 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

Don’t worry, the 2-in-1 headphone audio and charger splitter cable is coming to your rescue! It’s got a 90-degree elbow design so that it won’t get in the way of the cables you’ll use. At the same time, it won’t be an obstruction for when you use your handheld.

5. Mini Desktop Tripod For Cameras And Smartphones

You have a love for photography and it goes with you wherever you may be. Indoors, too. But keeping your phone steady and balanced can be a challenge. However, that challenge is accepted and will be taken down by the mini desktop tripod for cameras and Smartphones.

Top 10 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

Its leg structure provides excellent stability once your gadget is mounted on it. Additionally, its legs can be adjusted effortlessly.

This mini tripod has multi-angle adjustments that you can maneuver smoothly. To add, it has a removable ball to make it easier for you to change from using your camera to your phone and vice versa.

6. LED Portable Selfie Luminous Lamp

A great selfie is always the goal when… selfie…-ing. Non-selfie takers, don’t judge us. We do love a good selfie. And the definition of that is the right angle, the right background, the right position in the frame, and the right lighting.

Top 10 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

For that last bit, the LED portable selfie luminous lamp can assist you. With this plugged into your phone, you’ll have studio lighting effects that brighten your picture.

3 switches for 3 levels of lighting and you’ll look like the radiant You that you are in person.

7. Fast Wireless Charging Station

In transit and on-the-go but your phone is almost completely drained of battery life? Stress not! The fast wireless charging station is your best solution. Everything you need to know about it is in its name. Fast. Wireless. Need we say more? (*wink)

Top 10 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

This item can charge your phone either vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference. This is due to its dual coil design. What’s more, it contains a heat dissipating function at its base. Thus, overheating can be avoided.

And if your handheld is in a protective case, this product can still charge it as is.

8. Bluetooth 5.0 Single Earphone With USB Direct Charging

When you have your hands full and are pre-occupied with important assignments at work, it’s tough to take calls. Clipping your phone in between your ear and your shoulder. An uncomfortable quick-fix. Earphones that have wires that irritate you because they get in the way.

Top 10 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

Instead of going through these, use the Bluetooth 5.0 single earphone with a USB direct charging mechanism. Once the Bluetooth earphone is charged, simply insert it in your ear and connect it to your device. Answer calls and jam to your music playlist hands-free.

9. Multifunctional USB Joystick Gaming Controller

Want a more convenient way to play your phone games? Tired of not being able to play as well as you know you can because your phone’s touch screen can’t keep up with your moves? None of that’ll occur with the multifunctional USB joystick gaming controller.

Top 10 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

It appears and functions like an actual controller from, say, an Xbox set or a Playstation. The same buttons, the same feel. AND… you don’t need to have it plugged to a mother-box. All you’ll need is to plug it in your phone and play!

10. Luminous Superhero Glass Phone Case

Avengers and Justice League fans out there (and here), take a whiff of this awesome luminous superhero glass phone case. It lights up with glow-in-the-dark superhero-themed designs from Ironman’s mask to Captain America’s shield, the list goes on.

Top 10 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

Its exquisite tempered glass offers smooth touch screen usage. Alternately, it’s shockproof and shatterproof for your phone’s double-shielding.

Furthermore, its edges are made of soft silicone for gripping comfort.

Top 50 Phone Accessories: We Ain’t Stopping Yet!

11. 2-In-1 Clip-On Macro Lens For Mobile Phones

Because mobile phones now play such an integral part in our everyday lives, engineers and innovators always make a way to add feature after feature so that all you’ll need is your phone. And it’ll be universally used for a myriad of things.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

For #11, photography, to be specific. The 2-in1 clip-on macro lens for mobile phones is manufactured with high-quality optical glass for a 24x macro lens. Take studio-like shots and amaze your friends and family with clear and beautiful still images.

12.  Mobile Phone Selfie Light

The mobile phone selfie light will help you take selfies without you having to stretch your arms high and pose your body right under that ideal lighting you prefer. This selfie lamp does the tough work for you.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

With a range able to illuminate the whole of your face, those dark circles and lines will disappear from your photos like magic. It’s all about lighting and what awesome selfie lighting you’ll have with this device.

13. Waterproof Bicycle Saddlebag For Mobile Phone

You can stay connected even while you’re on your bike. A rough trail along the way? No problem. The waterproof bicycle saddlebag for mobile phones will secure your gadget. Its sturdy butterfly clip will keep it in place even you’re in motion.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

Also, its feature of TPU or thermoplastic urethane will shield your phone’s screen from scratching. That said, this very feature has excellent touchscreen functionality, you’ll be able to swipe through your phone like normal.

Its carbon fiber leather isn’t just additional protection. It gives this bicycle case that trendy feel you’ll want to match with your sports apparel when you’re out on your bike.  

14. Aluminum Alloy Bike Phone Holder

Another accessory you can use, especially if you’re a bicycling enthusiast is the aluminum alloy bike phone holder. You can never be too preoccupied with warranting that your phone is safe when you’re on your bike, both hands on the handlebars.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

Have a way to use your phone whilst keeping it steady with the aluminum alloy bike phone holder. Although this mobile phone bracket will definitely secure your handheld on your bike’s handlebars, it still has easy installation and release-functions.

Let that ultra-sleek alloy aluminum give off that sleek vibe as you ride your 2-wheeler under the sun.

15. Clear Matt Hard Phone Case

Mobile covering or casing has evolved into something much better. Today, they’re not only sharp-looking but are efficient as well. As is the case with the clear matt hard phone case due to its scratch-resistant hard shell.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

Nonetheless, it’s slim and lightweight so that it won’t add to your phone’s original weight. No extra bulk, too. It comes with its own metal ring to increase grip stability, especially in terms of mobile that have larger and wider sizes than average.

16. Glitter Stars And Moon Phone Cases For iPhone

The universe is in your hands. The galaxies, its moons, and stars therein. At least, if you want to get literal with those words and prove them to be true, you can do so with the glitter stars and moon phone cases for iPhone.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

This phone case is manufactured with soft TPU to give your phone that layer of safeguarding against abrasions and against jarring. Yet it’s also that very same material that offers you a comfortable clutch, especially along the edges of your gadget.

17. Hard Box Storage For Gadgets

Don’t you absolutely find it annoying when your earphones get tangled up? Instead of immediately blasting your favorite tunes, you waste time unraveling the knots. Leave that annoyance behind with the hard box storage for gadgets.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

High-quality EVA is what constitutes this hard box to steer clear of damages your earphones and other tiny gadgets might incur without it. On the inside, it’s lined with a soft cloth lining and mesh.

Store your headphones, charger, USBs and more.

18. Hybrid Technology Hi-Fi Metal In-Ear Earphones

If you’re constantly irritated by average earphones whose coils easily get damaged when you twist or fold them, we’ve got a solution to that. The hybrid technology Hi-Fi metal in-ear earphones provide amazing access that connects your mobile to your ears.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

With combined fine circuit optimization and precise internal acoustic structure, you’re getting full-voice, low mellow frequency, and high sensitivity. What this entails is that even through repeated use, you’ll receive voice clarity transmission nevertheless.

Its main materials are zinc alloy for its cover, along with a resin cavity, and aluminum alloy vocal cavity.

19. Lovely Transparent Phone Case With Cardholder

Grab this 2-in-1 lovely transparent phone case with a cardholder. That’s right. On the one hand, it’s a soft silicone product that guards your phone and prevents it from unnecessary scratches. On the other, it doubles as a cardholder.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

Its back portion has a pocket for inserting your credit or debit card, and other such items for ease of access. Choose from a variety of colors and mix and match them with your outfit-of-the-day, or with your mood-of-the-day.

20. Microphone Condenser Clip-On Lapel

Tired of phone microphones that don’t supply you with that crisp and sharp sound a regular microphone can? We’ll tell you right here, the microphone condenser clip-on lapel is an innovation on phone-mics you’ll want to have in your gadget collection.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

You’ll be experiencing high sensitivity and a wide frequency response. Plus, its foam windscreen can effectively reduce background noise. Use your phone to record in near studio-type quality for your projects.

Top 40 Phone Accessories: We’re Not Done Yet

21. Long Arm Tablet Stand Holder

Let your tablet stand with this tablet stand. Redundant? Not at all. This long arm tablet stand holder will do just that. It’ll keep your gadget fixed upright on any surface you want it on.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

For standing sturdiness, clip it on the side of a table or a similar base. This tablet stand holder has a wide-width clip. Also, its stem is able to bend 360 degrees in any direction. Talk about flexibility for such a gadget. Totes unique.

22. Luxury Leather Wallet With Phone Case For iPhone

There’s no contesting the fact that leather oozes charisma in its overall look. And if you’re a leather fan like we are, you’ll want to have the luxury leather wallet with a phone case for iPhone. It’s a leather wallet for your cash and cards. And, it comes with a separate phone case for your mobile.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

This dirt-resistant and antiknock accessory will have going head over heels for it. Matching wallet and phone cover? Sign us up, with you along with our leather tag team! You can pick among these colors: brown, black, gray, blue and red. Match them with your apparel and leather up.

23. Magnetic 3-In-1 USB Cable

Don’t let the size fool you into underestimating innovative devices. This magnetic 3-in-1 USB cable hit the market and it now getting the attention of many techie and non-techie people. Here’s a new way to charge your phone efficiently.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

That, and its magnetic component doesn’t require it to be inserted and plugged into the charging port. The magnet from this device will connect itself to your phone. And this will help prolong the life of your USB port, which, most of them, are prone to damage.

24. Magnetic Car Phone Holder

We’re not talking about one magnet. Not two. Not even three. The magnetic car phone holder has 5 built-in magnets to fix your phone on it. Clip its backside to the ventilation grills of your car’s air conditioning compartment.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

Its clamp-type bracket has a strong grip to keep your device from falling as you maneuver your vehicle at varying speeds and motions. Let your phone be up and running as it notifies you of messages and calls, or as you navigate its map while you’re in transit.

25. Portable 2-In-1 Softphone Fan

Fan yourself and keep cool with the portable 2-in-1 softphone fan. Goodbye to hand-fanning. Is that a word? But you get it, right? Goodbye to using whatever flat surface you can find to let a bit of cool air touch your face.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

With this phone fan, simply hook the device to your mobile’s charging port and voila! Watch its propeller… er… propel and work the way an electric fan does. Only, this one’s handy, easy to carry around, and doesn’t need its own separate batteries.

26. Portable Karaoke Mini Microphone

Love singing? Love karaoke? You’ll love those even more once you find out it’s possible to take the karaoke vibe with you wherever you go. Not the karaoke machine itself. Too heavy. However, the portable karaoke mini microphone is the bomb!

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

Connect it to your phone, desktop, laptop or your tablet. Download any karaoke app you prefer and sing! Carry this stress-reliever and positive-energy-releaser (as we like to call it) with you and have sing-along-fun-times with your friends, family, and colleagues.

27. Portable Mobile Phone Accessories Storage Box

Here’s a tough cookie for your gadget accessories. Yep. It’s here. The portable mobile phone accessories storage box. Tiny? Size doesn’t matter. Not with this hard case, durable box that’s abrasion and scratch-resistant.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

USB cables and earphone wires can be stored in an organized way, and without letting them incur damage in the long run when they get tangled together. Intertwining? Nope. Not with this hard box. Also, its zipper offers smooth runs for your convenience.

28. Scratch Proof Tempered Glass Back Camera Lens Protector

A camera lens has a sensitivity we should be more aware of. That same sensitivity is true even with phone camera lenses, or even higher. Don’t let your phone camera lens ruin images you take with it by utilizing the scratch-proof tempered glass back camera lens protector.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

It acts as a guard against scratches with its ultra-thin, anti-scratch tempered glass. And you won’t have to be concerned about it obstructing your camera’s view. You won’t even know it’s there! Take beautiful pictures with a lens that are in perfect condition and keep them that way with this back camera screen.

29. Silicone Pad Car Phone Holder

The silicone pad car phone holder will your car-buddy so long as you want to stay connected to your mobile as you travel. It has 2 rubber phone holders that can be adjusted according to the size of your phone.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

What’s you’ll adore about this car phone holder is that it provides you with that flat-surface balance so that you can mount it on your dashboard and fasten your mobile on this accessory. Navigating through your map app or maneuvering through calls and whatnot has never been easier than with this pad.

30. Shockproof Soft Silicone Case For Phone

It’s all about phone maintenance these days. People think practically when it comes to gadgets. You and I are also more careful in caring for them. Yes, buying new ones every now and then, we’ve no issue with that. But if you can keep your mobile lasting longer, the better.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

And you can definitely do so with the shockproof soft silicone case for your phone. Soft TPU and silicone are its main components, for that crystal clear design that’s both effective as an abrasion-shield, and chic in terms of appearance.

Top 40 Phone Accessories: The Final 10

31. Motorcycle Phone Mount

Wanting to bring your phone with you and access it while you’re on your rad motorbike? Do that with the motorcycle phone mount. Waterproof and dustproof, it’s the ideal phone mount for outdoor riding activities.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

Manufactured with auto-grade ABS and aluminum alloy, it has sturdiness and strength that can withstand weathering elements. At the same time, it’s what enables it to have a thickset feature when holding your phone in place, on your bike’s handgrip, when you go as fast as N miles per hour.

32. Superhero Case For iPhones And Silicone Rubber Cover

Avengers… Justice League… Assemble! Or… Action! Depending on which comic book character’s line you want to echo with resounding gusto. Your fandom can extend even to your phone accessories! Why not let it imprint itself in your gadgets with the superhero case for iPhones and silicone rubber cover.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

Hear all the “anti” words you’ll ever find related to a phone accessory. Anti-fingerprint imprint, anti-shatter, anti-bubble, anti-knock and abrasion, anti-drop, anti-scratch, and anti-slip. We swear these words describe when this silicone rubber cover does for your mobile. A “super” phone case, if we may say so.

33. Type-C USB Phone Charger Dock

This Type-C USB charger dock is one with a micro-arc design for that flawless form. Not only does it look amazingly gorgeous, but this charger is also a way for you to let your phone’s battery gain energy while allowing you ease in swiping through it at the same time.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

Both a charging accessory and a mobile phone stand, it’s a 2-in-1 tool that you’ll find useful when you’re trying to operate through your handheld in a convenient manner. Let it sit and charge while you do your shiz. No hassles.

34. Universal Car Phone Holder

Scouting for the right car phone holder that’ll suit your needs can be a bumpy ride. For others, it has been and still, they haven’t found the one that fits their driving lifestyle. That is, until the, or we came across the universal car phone holder.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

Built with shock-absorption, supported by a non-slip mechanism, you can lay your mobile on this device and drive at different velocities, while still keeping it firmly fixed on your dashboard.

It has a body that acts as an adjustable lever which you can raise or lower depending on your viewing preference as you drive. To further this, it has a 360-degree rotation capability, too.

35. Waterproof Arm Band With Phone Case

Love working? We do, too. Love working out but there’s just no room for your phone on you? Same problem here. At least, that problem was solved when we gave the waterproof armband with a phone case a go.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

You should, too! It’s the sports accessory every workout enthusiast loves. Take a trip down your favorite workout cove, at the gym, or the park you love doing your runs in and strap this waterproof armband with a phone case.

You won’t encounter any hassles Its nylon and Lycra have a stretch-quality for ease and comfort in strapping on. And its waterproof screen provides a full view of your phone while you exercise.

36. Wireless Bluetooth Earphones For Mobile Phones

It’s all about going wireless these days. They’re convenient and don’t get in the way of what you’re doing. The same is a fact with this pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones for mobile phones. Take calls and put your playlist on blast mode without wires and cables coiling and intertwining around you and what you’re doing.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

Not only that but they come with their own charger. Nope, this case isn’t merely a box for storing these earphones. Further, this box-charger has an indicator that alerts you of how much more charging time is needed.

37. Christmas Silicone Matte Case For iPhone

Getting into the spirit of the holidays? You can fo’ sho’ let your mobile phone Christmas-it-up with the Christmas silicone matte case for iPhone! It’s possible, folks! If you can decorate your home in lieu of the season, why not your handheld?

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

Have a very, merry phone case with this bright red, holiday-themed case that also safeguards your mobile from damage. Ho, ho, ho… Merry Christmas, to all, indeed! Gadgets and gizmos included!!

38. Magnetic Cable Micro USB Type C Charger

Decreasing the risk of damaging your phone’s charging port is something to take note of. After all, you won’t be able to use your mobile if the way to charge it isn’t as efficient as it used to be anymore. This is why the magnetic cable micro USB type C charger is the ideal alternative.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

There’s no need to plug the charging cable through the port. This one’s magnetic! No damage to the said port. Here’s another feature that’ll blow your mind… It can charge more than one phone at a single time. 3, in fact.

39. Magnetic Car Phone Holder

You’re constantly on the road, from your home to the office and back. Or maybe on short road trips you and your loved one love being on (like us). Furthermore, it’s tough to have both hands on the wheel while trying to navigate through your phone’s GPS-run app.

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

With the magnetic car phone holder, it’s totally possible. Lesser driving hazards because it lets your phone rest firmly on it while your hands are on the steering wheel. Its high-strength magnet will let your mobile stay still as you drive but won’t affect its signal strength.

40.  Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

Answer your calls hands-free. Let song after song play endlessly (or as your phone battery will allow) hands-free as well. How? With the mini wireless Bluetooth earphone. No more chords. No more cables. Just wireless technology at your fingertips (or ear *wink).

Top 40 Phone Accessories You Won’t Say No To

Don’t worry about sound being distorted or affected because of this very feature. This mini wireless Bluetooth earphone has HD sound quality for your listening pleasure. It offers low energy consumption so you can use it for long hours. Also, it has a touch-feature button to connect it to your mobile.

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