Why Do You Need A Tempered Glass

Hello reader, you are undoubtedly very familiar with the term ‘tempered glass’, and you also know that it is something that we attach over our mobile phone’s screen. But, a question can arise here: why do you need something like tempered glass on your phone? What is the benefit of using a duplicate screen over the real one? Finally, what does this transparent glass-like thing ensure for you?

The Ultimate Protection

Why Do You Need A Tempered Glass
This is a 9H Tempered Glass Phone Case For iPhones. It will help to keep your iPhone safe and secure.

The mobile phone is something in our daily life that we just can’t cut off. Today, modern life is incomplete in many ways without a mobile phone. We use our mobile phone for shopping, for bank transaction, booking flights, train or movie tickets, and the like. Because we use this gadget so much, we have to be very sure and ensure its security. A most common mobile phone disaster is a broken screen. You can see many who are using mobile phones with cracks on the displays. These cracks generally happen due to accidents, usually accidental falling from the user’s hand.

From here, tempered glass takes up its role. Tempered glasses are usually made by passing glass through various chemical and thermal processes. These treatments make glass more robust and durable. So, where general and non treated glasses will break, there these tempered glasses will prove their strength and durability. 

Some people consider plastic screen protectors as alternatives to tempered glass. However, glass protectors are more robust and durable compared to plastic screen protectors. As well, unlike plastic protectors, glass protectors absorb shocks and prevent phone damage in a fall. Aside from that, glass protectors are specially designed to be broken, saving your actual screen after high falls.

Care And Safety

Why Do You Need A Tempered Glass
This is a Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhones 0.3mm. It will help to keep your valuable iPhone camera secure.

Along with the security, glass protectors also care for you in other ways when you use your phone. For instance, your fingers slide over glass protectors more easily than over plastic covers. That’s why glass protectors feel very similar to your actual phone screen. Not only that, plastic protectors reflect light directly to your eyes and create a disturbance when you are watching videos outdoors. This may blur your vision. On the other hand, glass protectors are less reflective, that is why your video experience will be like the original. At the same time, glass protectors are designed for easy cleaning.

Along with that, a glass protector gives less trouble when it is installed. For instance, there are no annoying bubbles that are a nightmare when installing plastic protectors. There are many brands available in online and offline shops. Each of them will offer you different promises. Well, for them, the profit comes first. In this article, two brand names are recommended for you to try. One is the Cashier brand that makes glass protectors for iPhones, and the other is the Olly Murs brand. Readers can also find choices in many other brands.

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